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A Letter from the founder of “Buy a car for Ron Gilbert” foundation, Oded Sharon


Not long ago I was sad to hear about Ron Gilbert’s loss of holiday spirit.
In this post in his site - Grumpy gamer, Ron states that he is just bitter because: “not a single one of you got me a brand new car with a big ribbon around it and a note saying "Thanks for Monkey Island".

So I’ve decided to raise enough money so that by December 25th 2005, hopefully, a brand new car will be waiting out side Ron Gilbert’s front door.
I do not know yet which car we would be able to afford, but the more donation we’ll receive the better car we can all buy to the creator of Monkey Island.

"Buy A Car For Ron Gilbert" is a website dedicated to the sole purpose of donating a car for the a grumpy, needy, old school game developer.
There's something Ron Gilbert tends to complain about whenever someone mentions the comparison between the game industry and the movie industry. He says something like "if the game industry is so much like the movie industry, why don't we get the fame and fortune movie stars do ?"
So I'm gonna start breaking the rules of the game industry and create the first ever game designer fas site. And hopefully in the future, with enough support from the fans, a fan club for Ron Gilbert.

I have plans to turn "" into the first and foremost fan site for Rob Gilbert, or for my knowledge, the first fan site dedicated to any game developer.
My plans include a lot of features that you can expect to see coming to life over the near future, like Forums, News, Links to all that's Gilbert related, and ofcourse - Games.

I've already donated money to the cause, also by purchasing this site's domain name, and webhosting.
With your help, we can make it happened.

Oded Sharon
A Ron Gilbert fan.

To contact Oded Sharon:

27-01-05   00:00:00

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The first Ron Gilbert Fan Site.

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