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Suprise, suprise !.

You might have noticed a slight standstill here at Buy a car for Ron Gilbert..

Although the new graphics went up over two months ago, visitor rates are a few dozens a day, in contrast to the hundreds of hits this site had in it's first week. Donations are still pouring in, but at a slower rate, and it’s a shame.
It is slightly my fault. Events in my personal life, and some work overload caused me to spend less time on publicizing this website.

However, to my surprise, I found a 20$ donation has been made today by none other then Tim Schafer himself!
For those of you who only know Ron Gilbert, but haven’t heard of Tim Schafer, he’s the genius behind some of our favorite LucasArts games like Day Of The Tentacle, and Grim Fandango. Nowadays, his company Double Fine productions made the new game Psychonauts, which I haven’t played yet, but I heard was awesome!
Anyways, here’s what Tim had to say in his blog:

I just wanted to say to you all don't worry! I have a car. So I'm afraid you're going to have to take your money and spend it here instead. Do it! Now!

Actually, I think Ron has one too. I think. I've never actually seen it. But send that site some money anyway because hopefully he can steal the money and use it to make a game. And that would be the start of a whole new game funding model. Which then I can steal.

P.S. I sent in some money but it didn't show up in their donors list. I swear.

Well Tim, as I once said before, the donor’s list only updates daily. And check it out, you’re in it ! 3rd from the top, too !
And don’t worry, your money won’t go to waste. If we can’t raise enough money by 25 Dec. 2005, all the money (minus the expenses) will go to Ron Gilbert’s game development efforts !

So you heard the man everybody! Start spending your money here! It’s for a good cause. Don’t let game developers starve in the US, or rather walk.... Chip in and Buy A Car For Ron Gilbert !

Thanks again Tim, and good luck to all of us !

Oded Sharon,
Founder of Buy A Car For Ron Gilbert.

15-06-2005   22:43:43

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