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2 months to go !


10 months ago I started this webpage in hopes to raise money for a car for Ron Gilbert by Dec 25 2005.
Now, 350$ later, and only 2 months to go, it's clear it just ain't going to happen, we managed to raise some money, but not enough for an actual car.
Therefor, As i always intended, on Dec 25th, the whole fund will go directly to Ron, with our intent to see him use the money to create a new 2d adventure game for us !
The more money we raise, the better the game will be.

The clock is ticking, with less then two months to go, I urge you to reach in to you nostalgic heart and donate for this cause  !
Save adventure games !
Help us create a better world, a world with new 2d adventure games by Ron Gilbert.

Oded Sharon
Founder of "Buy a car for Ron Gilbert"

25-10-2005   14:05:20

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