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Ron gilbert answers email about this site !

I saw this site a few days ago. Funny. Wouldn't you rather create a fun site for... oh... let's say... Jennifer Lopez or somebody like that? Grumpy game designers isn't exactly the hot ticket to traffic, if you know what I mean. :-)

Now, if you do happen to raise enough money to buy me a car, I hope I'll have the option of taking the cash equivalent prize and using the money to build a kick-butt prototype for my next game. If that's not an option, then I've always been partial to the Subaru WRX:


Hey Ron,
Thanks for your Reply !

A site for J-lo ? I don't know... Did she make any worthwhile adventure games ?
Not as far as i know.

I'll see how much money we can raise by Dec 25th 2005... So far I'm the only one who actually put some money into this "thing"...
I'll sure be happy to see a new prototype for a game by Ron Gilbert !
So I'll try and make sure that the car is refundable... ;-)

So you've heared it.
We need 32,000$, for a new Subaru WRX car, or new Kick-butt computer game prototype.

Good luck,
Hope you get a new car next year...

Oded Sharon

29-01-05   00:00:00

Shahar Has commented:
Oded, you silly goose :) gr8 Idea, I guess... hope there r more pps like u who think Ron deserves that WRX ;)

31-01-2005,   21:10:24

Andreas Has commented:
Does sale of the shirts go towards the car? Either way I want one, and I´ll probably put in what little I can

02-02-2005,   07:15:40

Oded Sharon Has commented:
The money from the merchendise goes towards covering the expense of this site (domain and web hosting), which I have mentioned will come out of the donation fund, so effectively it helps the donation fund, but you name won´t appear in the donors list unless you actually do some donation.
I´m also aware to the fact that the expenses (about 55 British Pounds) probably won´t be covered all together by the shirts.

And thanks for your support !


02-02-2005,   15:08:43

some fat elvis lookalike Has commented:
i don´t think that Subaru will last very long in the hands of god himself (yes i´m talking about ron)

19-02-2005,   20:59:05
The first Ron Gilbert Fan Site.

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