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Monkey Island websites publications, Donors, and FAQ

With a surgical strike, Buy a car for Ron Gilbert was featured in 3 major Monkey Island fan sites.:

Check them out !

Also, a few donations are coming in, Hurray !
Thanks to anyone who donated money. Some time in the near future i'm gonna make some nicely done certificate with graphics saying something like "I've donated money to buying a car for Ron Gilbert and all i got was this certificate".
Maybe even a cool t-shirt only sold exclusively to donors.
Stay tuned !

Other then that, As few questions arrose, i will try to answer them, and also add an FAQ section to the site.

Q: Where do the money i donate go to ?
A: To the sole purpose of buying a car for ron gilbert, or giving him the cash for creating a prototype for a new kick-butt game. Minus some expenses on this website hosting.

Q: What happens if you don't raise enough money for a new subaru WRX car ?
A: Don't raise enough money ? Sure we will !
But in the probable event that we actually can't raise enough money, we'll use it for some other charitable cause, like a less expensive car, or a prototype for a new game by Ron Gilbert.
Personally, i think that if we can raise about 1 Million dollars, we can procure the rights for Monkey Island 5. But that's a whole other donation cause alltogether.
In any case, I'll soon open a forum, in which one room will only be accesible to donors, so we can decide what to do when the time comes.

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