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Car4ron Status Update.

Hey all.
It's been a very good two starting weeks for "Buy A Car For Ron Gilbert".
We've had nearly 5000 visitors already in 2 weeks, and we keep getting around 100-200 hits per day, steadily.
The donation money is slowly but steadily pouring in, and i'd like to thank all those who have donated.
I've added an RSS Feed feature to the website where you can get a feed of these newsposts, and get updated easily.

And last, we'll Soon be giving Car4ron a face lift, with whole new graphics, we've already started working on the new design, and it's gonna start looking good. Very good. so stay tuned.

Good luck again. Oded Sharon.

12-02-2005   22:42:32

Angel 1.0 Has commented:
how soon?

16-02-2005,   15:00:09

Leon X86 Has commented:
Why don´t you add banners to the site? you can get some incomes from them, and to make a better design for the site and a Logo more atractive, i don´t like that one and few pepole is going to buy a t-shirt with that logo...

01-03-2005,   20:13:23

Leon X86 Has commented:
i didn´t see the banners down page :p

01-03-2005,   20:16:50

Has commented:

30-07-2005,   14:53:49

ana Has commented:
ana i ana

30-07-2005,   14:54:13
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