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Great News !!

Car4ron have been approached by 3 potential donors who wish to contribute a sum of 30,000$ for the cause of buying a car for Ron Gilbert.

The donors wish to remain anonymous, but they have argeed to reveal that they are veteran game makers, and been in the industry for a long while.
I am checking the procedure it takes to handle donations at these sums without the need to pay PayPal extra handling fees, and negotiatine the final ends of the donation with them.

This gets us one step closer to our goal of actually buying a car for Ron Gilbert !

Now, more then ever, your donation is important and can make a diffrence, as we need so little to comlpete our goal!

We're missing about 2,000$ to reach our goal, so please make a kind donation for our cause !

Thanks for contributing.

Oded Sharon.

01-04-2005   02:31:26

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